YACHT sails the tepid seas with a new video for Psychic City (Voodoo City)

boooooooooo-rrrrriiiiinnnnnngggggggg… and they’re totally pussies for putting up the we don’t endorse the occult because we’re little babies scared of the dark disclaimer. nonetheless, here is the new YACHT video for their single Psychic City (Voodoo City)…. (whhhoooaaaa… voodoo?!?!?! in the title of your new single?!?!?!? you heard it here first on WTTD, folks, YACHT are actually Satanists.)
if you’re lucky (i guess) enough to live in San Fran, then YACHT (i feel like i have to YELL out YACHT every time i read YACHT cause of the stupid CAPITAL letters) is also having a record release party this Friday the 7th (even though they’re from Portland?) at the Rickshaw Stop with Bobby Birdman, who is, um, fun, for lack of a better word.
yes, i’m hatin’ on the YACHT. bring it.

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  1. @TINT
    for some reason they’ve had a huge buzz… i guess i just don’t get it, and i would love for someone to explain to me why exactly these pretentious fcuks are getting such play. and while we’re at it, let’s talk a little about Wavves…

  2. Hello jesus satan,

    Thank you for your participation. It is because of posts like this that YACHT can continue to do the work of spreading the message. The nature of working in the genre of pop-music means that personal taste plays a huge role in the acceptance of the message. As such, we take no offense when persons such as yourself hate the music of YACHT. In fact, it is a healthy sign that YACHT has not created something so bland as to be ignored.

    The disclaimer at the beginning of the video is an acknowledged homage to Michael Jackson (YACHT has mentioned this in many interviews). His passing served a devastating blow to pop music and YACHT felt it important to pay tribute to the man who broke new ground. The message comes from the beginning of the “Thriller” video, the most popular music video of all time. Jackson, who was a practicing Jehovah’s Witness when he created the video for “Thriller,” also knew how to explore religious symbolism and imagery without betraying his own beliefs.

    You can view the video for Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” here:

    Your flippant, designed-to-shock assertion that YACHT are “actually Satanists” is an interesting indicator of what is clearly a lack of education in what Anton LaVey (and countless others) have called the “Left-Hand Path.” It is true that YACHT are uninhibited students of both the dark and the light, and practice many core “Satanic” beliefs: fierce individualism, self-indulgence, and a pointed divergence from the herd conformity of mainstream behavior. The conceits of the Church of Satan bestow power and inspiration to YACHT, as well as to the tens of thousands of practicing Satanists in the world. Even you may benefit from a reading of the Satanic Statements, specifically that first rule of the Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth: “Do not give opinions or advice unless you are asked.”

    As far as the capitalization, the word “yacht” out of capitalized context can refer to commodity fetishism and an advanced capitalist culture that YACHT has prided itself in avoiding since its conception. The name of the band comes from an acronym, and the capitalized form is a sign of respect to this beginning.

    We encourage you to continue to hate the music and creative output of YACHT, but we hope that you are able to hate it for the right reasons. There is a lot of information on the internet about YACHT and much of it gives plenty of reason to despise the band, the music, and everything they are associated with. The key is to collect these reasons, compile them together, and make a logical argument about why YACHT is worth hatred. Your post seems to be an off-the-cuff and ignorant reaction to the success they have achieved. Your intrinsic hatred of the band is valid, but in order to create something of value you need to examine that reaction and explain it in a way that others can understand. Otherwise this blog entry is just another mention of YACHT that will lead people to buy the record and enrich the very lives of the people you hate (hence the popular phrase that “all press is good press.”)

    We wish you the best of luck and if you’d like to discuss specific reasons for hating YACHT we would be happy to help.

    Remain in Light,
    The YACHT Trust

  3. @The YACHT Trust
    haha, ok. this is too funny… i mean, seriously? a full-on dissertation on Anton LaVey and the Left-Hand Path?

    who do you think you’re talking to? my name is jesus satan, for Lucifer’s sake. i’m clearly not into the whole ‘children should be seen and not heard’ rhetoric, and i’m certainly not interested in following the Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth. i’ll be brief since i don’t have a lot of time… at least not as much as the YACHT collective, apparently. also, judging by your opus, less crystal methamphetamine.

    so thanks for the link. yes, i’ve seen Thriller, and in reference to the disclaimer… guess what… if you need to explain a joke (i.e. mentioned this in many interviews blah blah) then it ain’t funny. and if your video has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH MICHAEL JACKSON’S THRILLER, then heartfelt or not it is readily apparent that you tacked it on at the last minute as part of this tacky, ill-informed groundswell of undeserved hysteria for a pop icon whose influence shows up in your music absolutely nil. you heard it here on WTTD first, folks, YACHT are actually poseurs. is that less flippant enough for you?

    and yes, i already heard your story about the spelling of YACHT and how it should allllllllwaayyyysss be capitalized because you don’t actually ride around in yachts. that is why i linked to your myspace blog on the matter. because it’s fucking retarded. a fucking retarded blog, mind you, that exists solely to point out to allllllllll the little people who should “not give opinions or advice” how YOU want YACHT to be SPELLED when they TALK ABOUT YOU…

    all petty semantics aside, if you are so concerned about being linked to the excesses of rank corporate greed, then might i suggest next time you use a different fucking name for your POP band that doesn’t reek of self-satisfied, silver-spoon necklace wearing daddy’s girls. you think somehow that your pretentious as fuck name is somehow going to be LESS pretentious by spelling it in CAPITAL LETTERS. HUMILITY doesn’t really translate as well when it’s all big and stuff… so you’re, like, being ironic or something, right? never heard of that one before.

    i don’t need your encouragement to dislike you. you’ve provided me enough reason already by just being you. i’m not too interested in being part of your master plan, but you can look at it that way if you need to feed your egos further. (and since you’ve slapped your dick down here, i’m guessing a significant online presence is the cornerstone of said master plan, because banality will get you nowhere unless you have really good marketing). and while i have to admit our mutual trespasses have brought me significant joy, something that i am most DEFINITELY not interested in is doing further research on YACHT.

    which brings me to MY initial point. i don’t despise you, i’m just bored by you. and, logically, if there is so much out there on the internet that “gives plenty of reason to despise the band, the music, and everything they are associated with”, then it’s YOUR fucking job to “collect these reasons, compile them together and make a logical argument about why YACHT is worth hatred.” and then maybe pick up on all the evidence and all the hate and either a) grow or b) waste your time arguing with bloggers.

  4. Well the way I see it… there was a high road that was trying to be taken and then Jesus Satan jumped out from behind a tree and bitch slapped the self indulgence straight off your pale, ordinary faces. Did you create your own mythology to distract fans, or trustees as I guess you would call them, from the droning horror of your art? Yikes! My advice is not to cruise around these roads unless you’re prepared for whats coming at you.

    yacht: 0 JESUS SATAN: 2

  5. Oh man… I just watched the video for their song Summer Song on youtube. I was truly embarassed for them. When did mediocrity develop a fan following? I felt like I was watching a tone deaf cover band of Junior Junior.

  6. @Soulslider

    or a talentless garage band that can only play Ween covers. Well that was mean spirited of me, Ween is awesome. Sorry Ween, you don’t deserve that.

  7. @Soulslider

    @Kevin Kittridge
    strangely, they’re releasing Mystery Lights on the peerless DFA records, home to my beloved LCD Soundsystem, Juan Maclean, etc… so i guess my initial query still stands, since they weren’t even able to answer me themselves. WHY THE FUCK ARE THESE KIDS GETTING SUCH PLAY? i would really like to know… has anyone seen them live and they’re über-amazing and somehow the music doesn’t translate to a record? have they made a deal with the devil? are they buying all their own records themselves so it looks like they have sales? did they systematically suck every single dick over at Pitchfork?

    someone? anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

  8. I’ve seen them live. The bottle blonde singer chick is really skinny and has an edgy short haircut. I don’t remember anything else…

  9. i like them. im not crazy about them, and their videos are weird. they all seem either trying really hard to send a message and failing (maybe i dont get it), or they just like being weird? my favorite songs by them are “i love a computer” and “dystopia”. their website suggests that their pretty neutral with religion. and yacht supposedly stands for Young Americans Challenging High Technology

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