Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti Bright Lit Blue Skies

yeah, yeah, i get it. it’s bad so it’s good. whatever hipster swine… i wish chillwave would just go away. this song, a cover, is the best song on the album and it sucks. and Ariel Pink’s “awesome” (that’s according to Pitchfork) album Before Today sucks. chillwave will be what future generations make fun of when they talk about the two thousand and teens, like shitty mainstream hip-hop was the thousands, and the nineties was the nineties. anyways, here’s his silly fucking video. it’s chillwave, so, you know, it includes free domain footage of surfing and cute girls that like nerds (not coincidentally directed by one of the Gorilla Vs Bear guys). in an age where you can do literally ANYTHING on a computer, these people are acting like the Monkees. le sigh. grow up hipster swine and do something with your lives.
they’re playing the Echoplex if you care with Puro Instinct (who used to be Pearl Harbor – new one, not the Long Beach lady) and The Magic Kids. get your tix here, only $12, and have a horrible time so you can brag about how great it was since it was so bad. ugh, i like it when my head spins from drugs, not irony. (also, check out this sadly amusing LA Weekly article on how Before Today is more or less old shit he’s had sitting around for years.)

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