Artists to Admire: Mike Stilkey

world famous bad ass and WTTD pal Mike Stilkey brings a literal approach to his art (god i’m so fucking clever), often using books, their pages and their covers as his canvases. his room-sized installations are something to behold; brick-like stacks of literature that reach from the floor to the ceiling while painted over with Stilkey’s trademark twisty-turny animal studies and gaunt-like, dark-haired figures (who you can just tell are waxing all philosophic about Dostoyevsky and shit). it’s been a couple years since Los Angeles saw a Stilkey opening, he’s been too busy jet setting, but lucky for us in the meantime he has made an amazing new limited edition print available via BLK/MRKT. (hey! Valentine’s Day is coming! maybe it’ll make a good present for that hot librarian you’ve been trying to mack on.) here’s the info direct from Stilkey himself:

“I’m excited to announce that my very first print is now available for sale through BLK/MRKT Editions! The print, “Sleeping Horse,” is a four-color screenprint on 100 percent cotton rag paper. It measures 24 by 18 inches. The print is an edition of 150 and each one is signed, numbered and stamped. They are available for purchase for $45 and will be delivered within 2 to 3 weeks.” – so get your piping hot prints here, straight out of the oven, and check out Stilkey’s own site for plenty more good. art.

mrkt editions screenprint