Comic-Con Just Got Cooler – Rock’n Comic Con

I know what you’re thinking: How could Comic-Con possibly get any cooler?

Let’s break it down: Take the largest nerd-culture event in the Western Hemisphere, add aging rockers from the likes of Dokken and Guns N’ Roses, stir, and serve it up in Pasadena, a city known for its extreme badass-ness. And it’s all happening this weekend.

In addition to Stan Lee, who is actually cool, Rock’n Comic Con promises a host of D-list celebrities and a bunch of stuff tangentially associated with projects that populate the “meh” zone on the cool meter. To wit:

A Jack Sparrow impersonator

A non-profit group of Star Wars LARPers

A pirate band

A few Deal or No Deal models

A replica Star Trek Captian’s Chair

A tribute to The Knack

And don’t worry—it’s not a Rock’n Comic Con without a masquerade.

**Sorry kids, something’s broken and I can’t upload images. You’ll have to click on over to Rock’n Comic Con to see the magic for yourself. (ed. note: here, fixed. image below.)

how's this for illustration?

how's this for illustration?