Diplo, U Don’t Like Me, do you? featuring Lil Jon (video)

Diplo, the force behind Major Lazer and once in a while M.I.A., tapped that crazy Thai production house NMA that does all those goofy yet genius CG reenactments of gossip rag fodder (i’ve posted a couple before, here’s the Tiger Woods one) to do his new video for U Don’t Like Me with Lil Jon.

more info from the Mad Decent (his record label) blog: “Diplo has tapped Taiwanese production house NMA to create the video for his single, “U Don’t Like Me” featuring ubiquitous media personality and rapper Lil Jon. NMA, who was responsible for the animated news reenactments of the Tiger Woods fiasco and other public debacles put together an appropriately out-there clip that neatly summarizes the spastic vibe of the song. The unlikely collaboration takes shape visually in a myriad of different settings, the two producers facing off in a gun battle, break dance fighting, racing cars and under-water final round. Even the animated dancing baby makes a rare cameo appearance! Make sure to keep an ear out for the Datsik remix coming out on the soon to be released Blow Your Head Volume 1: Diplo Presents Dubstep Comp. As well as a Heroes and Villains remix of the the track out on their mixtape this Thursday!”