‘Dusk’ photo opening tonight at Space 15 Twenty, and a free screening of the film ‘I’m Here’ from Spike Jonze on September 2nd

tonight at Space 15 Twenty on Cahuenga there is an opening for Summer 2010 Pro’jekt Series LA Vol.2 Dusk with photos from a variety of hell-A up-and-coming photogs, and more notably (no offense, fellas) in Sept there is a screening for Spike Jonze’s (Jonze’???) new film, I’m Here, (or you can just watch it online here) presented by Dave Eggers’ McSweeney’s indie publisher’s clearing house. there will also be musical performances from ASKA and Sam Spiegel (aka Squeak E Clean) who are involved in the soundtrack somehow. yes, i’m aware that you can read flyers, too, but when i write it all out then i get more hits. god, it’s just always about YOU isn’t it? what about MY needs???