god damn dirty hippies… Grindhouse presents the cult classic An American Hippie In Israel at the Steve Allen Theater Tuesday Jan. 19th

an american hippie in israel isreal hippy poster images

talk about a bad trip! Tuesday, January 19th the cheeseball psychedelia of An American Hippie In Israel is screening after thirty-one years of obscurity at the Steve Allen Theater. seems like it will be full of antidisestablishmentarianism. and also drugs. lots of drugs. i have no idea why but The Ettes are also bringing their Nashville lo-fi garage rock to the night. this seems like a whole lot of amazing for only $10, and movies actually sell out at the Steve Allen a lot so get your tickets in advance here. (The Ettes are also playing at the Echo the next night on the 20th – tickets here for only $8.) “shut your ass!” (*update: there are now cheaper tickets available through Goldstar here.)