Goldfrapp has a rocket – and a lame contest

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She-Wolves of the Goldfrapp SS

is this video because she came out of the closet? seems like a rocket is the wrong metaphor if that’s the case. Goldfrapp has a rocket and a new video for it… a very… boring… weird… video… about relationships or something. also, they have a new contest about using their Head First album design to make your own art or something, and then you win, get this, a signed copy of the same picture you submitted. and a cassette of the album. cricket. cricket. cough. cricket. anyways, more info after the jump. and you can check out the Head First contest here. (p.s. don’t hate me, America. i absolutely love Goldfrapp up to the last album, which still had its bright moments. i’m sure this one will be the same, but they’re definitely off to a rockety start.)

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Goldfrapp Head First competition!

The game is on to find the most inventive, creative, original and amusing use of the cover artwork for the new album. To enter, simply go to our competition web site to download the artwork, take a picture following the instructions and then return to the site to upload your entry.
You can also visit the site and vote on the submitted entries. Those with the highest number of votes will be included in a shortlist to be judged by Alison and Will. The winners will receive a framed and personally signed copy of their winning photos, and everyone shortlisted will receive a super limited-?edition Head First promo-only cassette.

Visit the Goldfrapp Head First competition site now!

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