MONDAY: the White Stripes’ full length doc Under Great White Northern Lights at the Egyptian

i have no doubt this movie is going to be typical White Stripes magic. i was watching some of their music videos the other day, and i’m consistently amazed at how good everything they touch is. i mean, just look at this god damn flyer?!?!? there is a special screener this Monday evening at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood with director(s) Emmet Malloy doing a special speaking engagement. (leave it to the White Stripes to go and get a director(s) named fucking Emmet.) i wouldn’t be surprised if one or both of the Whites show up, too, by the way. so get your tickets here and snag them fast. more info after the jump.

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Monday March 15th, 2010

7:30PM Screening + Q&A with director Emmett Malloy

Egyptian Theatre
6712 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA

Tickets are available via Fandango or the Egyptian Theatre Box Office.

A magical, compelling and perfectly musical document. – Jim Jarmusch
The movie chronicles the band’s journey all over Canada from the many interesting locales they experience to the people they meet along the way – from rural bowling alleys, to city buses, aboriginal tribes and onward. The film captures intimate moments of Jack and Meg both on and off stage, intimate and personal conversations about their ten years together, fire cannons, raw performances of some of their biggest songs, and even an impromptu “one note show.”

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