new songs from Atoms For Peace aka Thom Yorke aka Radiohead

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who even knows what band he’s fronting anymore THAT PHILANDERING WHORE!!! RADIOHEAD WAS SO GOOD TO YOU HOW COULD YOU TREAT THEM THIS WAY?!?!? sir Thomas of Yorke has been spoiling the Atoms For Peace surprise lately with live versions of brand new songs at a charity show he did in Cambridge. super excited to see Atoms of Peace at Coachella, and now even more so. more about the tour direct from Thom after the jump.

..hey everyone

ok so in April the other band.. that i got together to do the eraser and other stuff u know .. Mauro, Flea, Me, Joey and Nigel is going back out to do some shows in the US.. ending with playing with Coachella. we had too much fun to just leave it there…

it has been decided that we call ourselves Atoms For Peace. hope you like the name.. it seemed bleedin’ obvious.

these are the shows & Flying Lotus is opening for us –

New York Roseland Ballroom 5th & 6th

Boston Citi Wang Theatre 8th

Chicago Aragon Ballroom 10th & 11th

Oakland Fox Theatre 14th & 15th

Santa Barbara Bowl 17th

for further details..




all warmth..


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