She & Him & YOU!!! @ Hollywood Bowl this Sunday with The Swell Season and The Bird and the Bee, winning entry posted

congratulations to the winner of our Swell Season/She & Him/Bird and the Bee contest, Miss Allison Klein of Los Angeles. it was too tough of a decision for us, you have no idea the unique horror of judging so many impossibly cute Zooey Deschanel pictures, so we decided to go with the image above by throwing darts at our computer screen. (that bitch stole my dog’s look!!! you don’t want to piss off Mr Fluffy, Zooey. it’ll be a battle of adorable that even YOU can’t win.) thanks to all who entered! some of the more choice entries are posted below, but beware, know that to stare too long into those doe eyes is too risk your very soul.

why yes, i would like to play beach ball with you, Zooey... what's this? quicksand!!! you've adorabled me to my doom!!!

my god... she's armed with a kitten in this one. it's a cuteness assault unlike any this world has ever seen.

this daisy is clearly full of poison.

Zooey showing her true nature...

this was right after she'd savagely murdered a man. there was blood EVERYWHERE, but this picture was so cute the police let her go with a stern warning.

no, Zooey, i would NOT like to listen to records with you all night long. please stop asking. it's getting to be a little pathetic... seriously.

um, no comment...