TONIGHT: piss off some conservatives at the Manifest Equality art opening

manifest equality invite vine hollywood shepard fairey ron english tim biskup equal rights opening move on harvey pekar march 2010

if there’s one thing that jesus satan hates, it’s hate. tonight Manifest Equality opens at 1341 Vine St. in Hollywood with a splendiferous group show in support of equal rights for everyone, not just old white people. you better be there even if you don’t care too much about humanity and stuff, because the roster of artists (posted below) is absolutely stellar with pieces from Shepard Fairey, Harvey Pekar (American Splendor!), Ron English, Tim Biskup, El Mac, and a ton more awesome commies. (also, while i’m on the subject of hate, on March 29th that sonofabitchmurderingfuck Karl Rove is doing a paid speaking engagement at Saban Theater in Beverly Hills, so start rotting your tomatoes now, Los Angeles.)