TONIGHT: Lina Lecaro makes Bukowski have the spins in his grave @ La Luz De Jesus

Rick Araluce's "The Poetry of Unreason la luz de la jesus 7-The-Ultimate-Journey_LG_Araluce

La Luz De Jesus is turning into a real live dive bar from 6-9pm with gratis Sino Tequila and veggie(!) hot dogs to celebrate the realease of Lina Lecaro’s new book, Los Angeles’s Best Dive Bars. (not that j. satan needs a guide…) i think Rick Araluce’s “The Poetry of Unreason” show is still up, too, so let’s all get drunk and trash some fucking miniatures!

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For one night only, we’ll be turning the Odditorium at the back of the shop into an honest to goodness Dive Bar, complete with all the tchotchkes and deer mounts you could ever soak up.

We’re hosting the Launch party for the release of LA WEEKLY Night Ranger correspondent Lina Lecaro’s new memoir/guide book:
Los Angeles’s Best Dive Bars: Drinking & Diving in the City of Angels.

With this book launch you’ll get the scoop and the poop on the city’s livliest, lowlife n’ liquor-soaked landmarks. This essential booze bible has the lowdown on which bars serve free food, which ones have great -and not so great- karaoke, a list of all the bars that appear in your favorite movies and much, much more. Whether you’re looking for a place where everybody knows your name or seeking a joint where nobody ever will, it’s here in these pages.

Sino Tequila will be hosting a free cocktail bar and Franken’s will be slinging veggie-friendly hot dogs

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