TONIGHT: you only live twice with Moneypenny at La Cita

swoon. jesus satan finds himself in love, and oh cruel fate, how is it possible that it has struck twice in the same place!?!? which of sweet home Chicagoans Moneypenny is jesus satan to choose? also known as DJ Mother Hubbard and DJ A-Cup (ha!), these two lovely female disc jockeys got IT goin’ on in SPADES with both looks and talent. tonight they’re doing a “special performance” (i.e. cat fight over j. satan) at La Cita for Dance Right’s weekly Thursday night sexcapade. (bonus! you can download a grip of their Spandexxx series of live mixes for free here. you’re welcome!) Kingdom, Taliesin and Chico Sonido round out the talent pool.

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