Crystal Castles “Celestica” + Hard Summer Fest in August

i’m somewhat disappointed in Crystal Castle’s new album as a whole… it suffers from 2010’s most rampant disease in the hipster swine community (no, not herpes), MGMT-itis, a distinct and significant lack of anything catchy. Alice Glass is cute and all, but i feel pretty much the same way about this video. (Hipster Runoff’s aka indie rock’s Perez Hilton has an amusing breakdown of it here, and this little treatise on trying to maintain non-sell-out-status in a self-marketing world is spot on.) C.C. is playing smell-A August 7th for Hard fest, tix are only sixty bucks, and with a killa lineup including Tiga, Soulwax, Green Velvet, Major Lazer, and Diplo, it’s likely to sell the fuck out (NOT LIKE CRYSTAL CASTLES though!!! they keep it REAL!!!) so get your tix here and get ’em fast.