when Dinosaur Jr. roamed the earth… (this Tuesday, actually, they’re roaming the earth this Tuesday at the Troubadour, and they’re doing it for free!!!)

feel like standing around for hours on end and waiting for a bunch of old dudes to make you deaf? of course you do! Dinosaur Jr. is playing a free surprise (yeah right… there’s this thing called the internet, folks) show at the hella intimate Troubadour this coming Tuesday night. the doors open at 8pm, and it’s first come, first serve. good luck y’all. if people (morbidly OBESE people at that) are willing to spend their unemployed days in line just to get a free Moons Over My Hammy, then the wait for this one will probably go down the block. good thing Dinosaur is so loud, you’ll probably be able to hear them anyway. (Troub’s email says to send an email to dinojr@mog.com to get your name on the list, though it doesn’t guarantee entry. also it’s eighteen and over.)

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