You think you can rock 8-bit? Prove it at Classic Tetris World Championship

That’s right, kids. The nerds you idolized as a child are back and they want to kick your ass.

Anyone can enter the Classic Tetris World Championship on Sunday, August 8, for a mere $10, but your quest will likely end in heartbreak like those of the Steve Wiebes before you. One ass-kicking not enough for you? No problem! Repeats are only $3 each. And they’re making a documentary of the smackdown, so you can even show it to your grandkids one day.

Classic Tetris World Championship

The whole thing has been pulled together by Nintendo World Champion Robin Mihara and Twin Galaxies will be on hand to keep everything on the up-and-up. And if you’re not too giddy after the finals, there’ll be a rooftop party after.

What: Classic Tetris World Championship

Where: Downtown Independent Theater, Los Angeles, CA

When: August 8, 2010, high noon.

Get tournament details and other info at the 1989-style website. (Seriously. You guys are supposed to be nerds. What gives with the crappy website?)