and, sadly, the real Coachella 2011 lineup is announced

this went from being possibly the best rumored lineup ever to perhaps the worst real lineup ever. there are some nice highlights, but i could give a tin shit about any of the actual headliners. (The Strokes have NOT aged well.) not amazing but nice to see a Death From Above 1979 and Big Audio Dynamite (who was rumored for last year) reunion, as well as Suede who has already been playing around in the UK. and hopefully Ms. Lauryn Hill won’t be the annual trainwreck as expected. anyways, i’ll give ’em my money just like i do almost every year, to see Leftfield,  PJ Harvey and Wire if nothing else. anyone happy with this? (p.s. i wouldn’t count out Daft Punk just yet, Billboard is saying that they punked out because they wouldn’t have enough time to put up a good production, which sounds silly to me, and it’s looking like Friday is going to need a better headliner. they’ve added big names after the initial lineup before, like Prince in 2008.)

One thought on “and, sadly, the real Coachella 2011 lineup is announced

  1. they basically dropped all the really good names from the rumored lineup and went with the filler… still, there are also a lot of other great bands, i’ve just seen most of them already. Chemical Brothers, Animal Collective, Black Keys, Crystal Castles (although they kind of suck live), Sven Vath, HEALTH, CSS is actually great live, Foals.. etc. meh.

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