HUSH, Mike Stilkey and Chris Anthony at Corey Helford Gallery’s In The Nursery Group Show this Saturday

so pleased to see WTTD pal Mike Stilkey showing at Corey Helford Gallery this coming weekend. looks to be an amazing show.

“From the fairy paintings of the Victorian era to Margaret Keane’s wide-eyed children and animals of the 60’s, art for the nursery or the child’s room was a prime form for some of the most fascinating artists of their times.  In the 70’s, with the advent of posters and the Muppets, the walls of children’s rooms fell from grace as a place for original art and were replaced by less poignant, more TV and cartoon-character oriented graphics. Now, in 2011, a time when the nature of childhood has been redefined, we’ve asked 25 artists – some of the finest Street, New Figurative and Digital painters and sculptors working in the New Contemporary Movement today – to re-imagine art for the nursery.  Embracing everything from the frightening images of the early German fairy tales to the pop culture childhood icons of the 21st century, these artists have produced a group exhibition that re-examines the relationship between art and the innocence of childhood .  Please join us on Saturday, January 29th from 7-10PM for the unveiling of the works.”