Josh Keyes’ work from the INLE Watership Down group show @ Gallery 1988 Melrose in March

amazing new Josh Keyes work from the upcoming Watership Down group show curated by Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins at Gallery 1988 Melrose on March 11th. see more previews from Luke Chueh, Dan May, Jason Limon, Chris Ryniak and more at Keyes’ forum here. (p.s. thanks, Keyes, i wasn’t aware that Arm & Hammer tested on animals. i’ll have to look into a new cat litter brand.)

“This was influenced partly by Richard Adams Plague Dogs as well as the Inle character from Watership Down. The products depicted in the painting are made by companies that continue to test on laboratory animals. The crows are in the shape of Inle and I though Black Angels was fitting in that though the act and natural behavior of carrion birds and other scavenger animals is disturbing (to us) it is part of the natural cycle of life. I see the crows as an active agent of liberation, freeing the lab animals bodies from a life of torment and by consuming and breaking down the body the animal is absorbed into the energy of the life cycle.”