Live: Aquacoustica @ Machine Project Los Angeles

Collaborative project machine project musical performance over water live electronic signal processing ulrich krieger dive underwater clay chaplin ambient soundscape

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A collaborative project of underwater musical performance and state-of-the-art ‘over-water’ live-electronic signal processing.

Being a passionate and experienced scuba diver for more than 10 years, Ulrich Krieger will dive into a pool in full scuba gear, tank and all, for at least 60 minutes. He will sit on the ground or swim around, producing underwater sounds with metal, stone, plastic, and other ‘waterproof’ objects, including ‘underwater didjeridus’, underwater singing, and plastic instruments, like blue toy saxophones. These sounds will be picked up by hydrophones and transmitted to Clay Chaplin, sitting above water, treating and signal processing theses sounds, creating an electronic ambient soundscape.

Space is very limited and reserved for Machine Project members.

From Machine Project:

Dear friends,

So what’s everyone up to this Labor Day weekend? Attempting to find a swimming pool and some barbecue? Well, we can’t really help with the barbecue but we can offer you a pool-side performance (Note: we’re not sure if you can actually go in the pool, but definitely bring water-appropriate attire). We’d like to invite you to Aquacoustica, a collaborative underwater musical performance with state-of-the-art “over-water” live electronic signal processing, taking place this weekend on September 3rd and 4th at 2 and 5pm.

Experienced scuba diver Ulrich Krieger will dive into a pool and proceed to produce underwater sounds using metal, stone, plastic as well as instruments such as “underwater didjeridus,” toy saxophones and the human voice. These sounds will be picked up by hydrophones and transmitted to Clay Chaplin, who be above water transforming them into an electronic ambient soundscape.

Due to extremely limited space (only fifteen attendees per performance), we have set up an RSVP sign up page which can be found HERE.

This performance will be taking place at the BELLYFLOP Gallery: a Southern California gallery space, theater, concert hall, disco, opera house, laboratory, auditorium and space of worship that features a full-water, 10 ft. deep swimming pool with diving board. BELLYFLOP is conveniently located near Machine Project and the address will be provided upon registration.


(P.S. We’d like to thank everyone for their helpful alphorn acquisition suggestions on twitter! We have now procured the requisite alphorns for an event being planned for the fall.)

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