Music Video: Hooray For Earth “True Loves” (Cereal Spiller Remix) from Cyriak, whose videos generally make me cry for one reason or another

sweet christ, what is wrong with people? that nut Cyriak is at it again. more info on how he put together the wackadoodle video below here and plenty more insanity from Cyriak here if you’re into the whole ‘losing your mind slowly’ kind of thing.

p.s. for anyone that still cares, i’ll be changing this site into my own personal blog/portfolio. i just don’t have the time to keep up with it as a “daily information” site or whatever and i’m pretty bored with regurgitating the same information that’s already out there, even if i do do it better. that being said, it really won’t be much different than it was before, i’ll be posting the same stuff on L.A. music/art/culture, but with the added bonus of it being more self-centered. plus i’ll be posting my own photography, writing, articles and whatnot. if you’d like to stick around you’re more than welcome, i do so love the company… i get lonely, you know. the kids never visit anymore : o (