Opening: COMUNE // DROP CITY “CE N’EST PAS LA FIN DU MONDE” GROUP SHOW with Devendra Banhart and others December 8th @ R&R Gallery Los Angeles

Comune Drop City Group Show Ce n est pas la fin du Monde Corey Smith Devendra Banhart

Mark the date Dec. 8th 2011. COMUNE // DROP CITY “Ce n’est pas la fin du Monde” GROUP SHOW!

Drop City was introduced to attract like–minded creative people to the COMUNE artist community, and collaborate on special projects through COMUNE’s clothing brand. With participating artists including Andrew Kuykendall, Krystal South, Noah & Nathan Rice, Ray Gordon, Noel Sinclair Boyt, Wyatt Hull, Devendra Banhart, Mario Wagner, Alana Paterson, Beth Hoeckel, Bryan Schnelle, Jen Wolf, Kealan Shilling, Alex Mertz, Jason Levins, Adam Harteau, PLG\VNDR, Kevin Castanheira, Sam Avery, Alexis Gross, Michael J DeMeo, and Amber & Ashlie Chavez. Drop City will continue to evolve its’ community, creative platform, and influence.

“Ce n’est pas la fin du Monde” is the second Drop City group exhibition, since the success of 2009′s trendsetting “Experiments in Occultism & Parapsychology”. We have since added on sixteen more unique visual artists, including seven females to the previous Drop City boys club. All of which share the collective vision of Drop City and reflect the COMUNE lifestyle of carefree idealism. “Ce n’est pas la fin du Monde” or “This is Not The End of The World” is a loosely themed group show celebrating life, friendship, optimisism, and individual creative freedom. We are also unveiling the new Drop City logo and will conclude the evening with a performance by special musical guest PLG\VNDR (Plague Vendor).

Thursday, December 8th, 2011 // 6pm – 12pm

R & R Gallery
929 E. 2nd Street, Suite 106, Los Angeles, CA 90012

COMUNE is and always has been an ever-evolving family of artists, designers, photographers, musicians, free thinkers, outsiders, and revolutionaries

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