Opening: Douglas Alvarez “Too Cool For School” – Saturday, November 12th @ Catus Gallery Los Angeles

Douglas Alvarez Too Cool For School Catus Gallery Opening
Douglas alvarez too cool for school catus gallery los angeles eagle rock blvd paintings sculpture public school system

Catus Gallery presents
Douglas Alvarez

“Too Cool For School”

****Opening Reception Saturday, November 12, 2011 from 7‑10pm
On View November 12 – December 4, 2011****
Catus Gallery
4534 Eagle Rock Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90041
T: 323.256.6117
Cactus Gallery is proud to present “Too Cool For School”, a new body of painted
and sculptural works by the artist Douglas Alvarez. “Too Cool For School” explores Alvarez’ experience in the Public School System and growing up in Los Angeles through the humor of popular iconography. Addressing the beauty of urban sprawl with its strip malls, nature, and the role humans play visibly or invisibly in this environment. He is able to garner a feeling of timeless nostalgia and complexity of emotion in the simplest of elements and spaces.
Douglas Alvarez employs a number of techniques to achieve his desired result. Viscous paint applications through palate knife are reminiscent of textural walls, while his brush application delineates the fine detail of a glazed donut or the abstract scrawls on a piece of line graph paper. The color palette Alvarez uses is inspired by fugitive hues of early photos, best represented in his historical figures, or the muted tints of institutional environments.
Douglas’ use of typographic buzzwords such as: answers, special, smile and today, in their simplicity, describe his elements with a humor and dichotomy, allowing the viewer to come to their own conclusions about their association. The newest media for Alvarez is the inclusion of assemblage. He utilizes these three dimensional aspects to build another layer to his array of textures and colors, a comprehensive exhibit that’s definitely Too Cool For School!
About Douglas Alvarez
Daily life is Doug Alvarez’s muse. Beauty seems to emanate from decaying walls, strange people, old cars, strip malls and endless advertisements. In a world, which at first glance seems bleak at best, nature and sunlight manage to overcome negativity. Having grown up in Southern California during the 70s and 80s, Alvarez captures the sensibility of a simpler time and place, a counter balance to the evolving complexities of 21st century life.
Utilizing a pallet knife to apply his paint, Alvarez creates distressed surfaces as a foundation for his stylized subjects. Exploring images of human contact with inanimate objects, the artist invites the viewer to ponder these strange interactions. Commonplace objects such as an ice cream cone or a skateboard or serve to represent positive solutions to the human dilemma. Regardless of the bleak situations depicted in his thought-provoking paintings, a metaphorical rainbow of happiness and sunlight seems to prevail.