Photo Gallery: Say hello to the 9 Lives of the Kitty group show @ Hold Up Art Gallery Little Tokyo

check out our pics from the night full of possible trademark infringement here. the show is up through March 6th at Hold Up Art’s gallery in Little Tokyo.

“This exhibition is not a Sanrio event, yet opts to offer a unique perspective on the culture and the influences of the iconic character.
February 19th – March 17th | 7pm – 11pm

Held in Hold Up Art’s Showcase wing, “The 9 Lives of Kitty” will feature 3 LA artists interpretations of the iconic Hello Kitty, and her many fascinating yet secretive lives. The show will feature Hold Up Art regular Sean D’Anconia, as well as introduce Misha and Lucky Bunny to the HUPA audience. The three artists’ approaches vary drastically and with a common ground in Kitty, the audience will be opened up to the understanding of how their styles originate and differentiate from each other.”
Sean D’Anconia –
Misha –
Lucky Bunny –