Ray Caesar and Erik Mark Sandberg at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC January 22nd

don’t address New York much but this seemed appropriate, the Ray Caear and Erik Mark Sandberg show at Jonathan Levine Gallery in NYC is selling tickets via a Groupon style service. *UPDATE -my apologies, i should have done better research before making accusations. the tickets for a pre-public opening were offered by a private third party as a private reception and advance preview to its members on the 21st. twenty dollar tickets were offered to cover staffing costs and in no way is J. LeVine making money or profit from them. please see below in the comment section for J. LeVine’s full response to my erroneous post. regardless, you can still get on the wait list here for twenty bucks… while J. LeVine is not receiving revenue from GILT CITY from the private showing, the rest of my thoughts on this still stay the same. the art world has changed dramatically since the internet, and artists are making a lot more from “crowd sourcing”. does that same economy apply to galleries? charging for a public show kind of rubs me the wrong way, but i’m not really sure if i can give a logical reason as to why. anyone have any thoughts on this?

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  1. On behalf of Jonathan LeVine Gallery, we respectfully request that you please remove this entry immediately as it contains factually incorrect information. The private GILT event and the gallery’s public reception are being held on 2 separate dates. Jonathan LeVine Gallery was approached/invited by GILT GROUPE to host a private event, offered to their GILT CITY members for which they offered at a reasonably priced ticket fee to cover their costs of staffing and refreshments. Jonathan LeVine Gallery is not receiving any percentage of GILT’s $20 ticket price, or any financial compensation for hosting the event. The private GILT event is intended to be an intimate experience for a small group of guests to meet artists and discuss their work, as an introduction to the gallery and art world. Only a select number of tickets were available, and the offer is now sold out. As you can see from the GILT offer, their event will take place on Friday 1/21, the evening before the public reception—which takes place on Saturday 1/22, as clearly stated on the gallery website. The gallery’s opening reception, remains open to the public and free of charge to all guests, as always. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

  2. PS : simply look at the dates on the 2 images you posted above to see the discrepancy, the GILT date is 1/21 and the one grabbed from the gallery homepage is 1/22.

  3. PPS: any sales of artworks by Jonathan LeVine Gallery are conducted independently, not in affiliation with GILT and unrelated to this event, or its ticket fee, or the “waiting list” terminology on the GILT website.

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