Video: Flourish – ‘Heaven Tar’

Jesse Somfay aka Flourish

Release Date: 09.08.2011

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“Jesse Somfay releases his debut on Zaubernuss under the name of Flourish after releasing his first two EPs with us in 2004 and 2005 on Traum.Flourish is a new project of his with which he first released on Strange Town Recordings in 2010. All four trax articulate intimacy, sometimes jittering, sometimes floating… movement is a constant force with all of them. The moods are very different and seem at times a bit urgent at others times more outgoing and enthusiastic. With “Heaven Tar” he opens with a beautiful piece of sacral sounding music that has organ sounds join Plastikman alike rhythm patterns. This track moves in a way a camera would when recording landscapes from a birds perspective. A kind of slow motion feeling leaves his tracks here. “It’s So Secret ” is a track that hovers above the ground… is in mid air… so it is virtually not touchable…. propelled by a high tempo sound… creating contrast to the strings sounds that change keys to evoke a heavenly atmosphere. “Midnight Oracle” says it all. This is a feedback of body and soul at a time of day when only these can possibly feedback… the echo of oneself… made healable. The only track that pounds along with a heartbeat like beat and is very intimate. “Crystal Plumage (Salt Blossom)” is a wonderful evolution of a sound that constantly changes its physical condition. The track is very much a constant “up and down” in motion… but seems rather natural and organic” keeping up its strength throughout.”