Opening: Jeremy Cross – “Common Monsters” at Hyaena Gallery Burbank

Hyaena Gallery Hyena Jeremy Cross Common Monsters opening show exhibition reception los angeles north hollywood olive ave

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Jeremy Cross Rebirth paintings Common Monsters

Jeremy Cross Marginalized Common Monsters

Jeremy Cross Batty Common Monsters

From the press release: – Common Monsters – Common Monsters is Jeremy’s fifth solo exhibit with Hyaena Gallery. It is a beautiful undertaking that is best described in the Artist’s own words: “After deciding to take some time to work on my craft and let the right series of pieces come to me instead of pushing to just get work done for a show, two years have passed and i finally felt the time was right to share what I think is a significant “Next Step” in my artistic Evilution. The series came to me organically. After studying images of victorian post-mortem portraits, antique mugshots and harrowing images of the elderly, abused, and the homeless, I started to see a pattern in my recent obsessions; monsters. The dead, criminals, the homeless, the downtrodden, all carry a stigma, something that in the modern age we have grown to despise, hate, fear and find ourselves in disgust with, when forced to encounter. By adding the imagery and embellishments of fictitious monsters to these portraits i like to think I have created a filter that contextualizes these social anxieties under a new light. COMMON MONSTERS is that series. Consisting of 12 new oil paintings along with a dozen watercolors and a few surprises. I truly hope you dig what you see. – Jeremy Cross”

Jeremy Cross anatomy rx prescription

Jeremy Cross Black Goat