Opening: ‘These Friends Three’ @ THIS Gallery Los Angeles THIS Friday, February 24th

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THIS los angeles is proud to present:


February 24th – March 23rd

Opening reception this Friday February 24th, 7-10 p.m.

After two years at THIS los angeles, we are glad to announce our 3rd annual “These Friends” show.

Artists include:

Aaron Ruell

Alana Goldstein

Alex Prager

Andrew paynter

Andy Mueller

Andy Suriano

Annie Thorton

Anthony Anzalone

Arlie Carstens

Ben Venom

Bill Mcright

Blake Marquis

Brad Elterman

Brent Owens

Brian Montouri

Brian Steinhoff

Bruce Gilbert

Bryan Sheffield

Carlos Don Juan

Cassiel Getz

Chris Bettig

Chris Moore

Chris Pastras

Chris Wessman

Christian Moreno

Claire Weiss

Cleon Peterson

Clint Peterson

Cody Hoyt

Cole Barash

Corey Arnold

Curtis Mead

Dallas Clayton

Dan Monick

Daniel Gibson

Don Pendleton

Drew Heffron

Emiliano Granado

Emily Shur

Erin Althea

Erin Garcia

Geoff McFetridge

Gil Shuler

Graham Walzer

Greg Beyer

Greg Bojorquez

Hannah Hooper

Hassan Rahim

Herstel Baltrotsky

Jared Eberhardt

Jeaneen Lund

Jeremy Shockley

Jeremy Weiss

Jessica Wassil

Jessie Cowan

Joe McKay

Jon Huck

jon rajkovich

Jordan Rae


JT Helms

Juan Puente

Justin Donais

Justin Krietemeyer

Justin Waugh

KC Ortiz

Kelly Jones

Kevin E. Taylor

Kimberly Scola

Lee Corbin

Lisa Solberg

Louise Ingalls Sturges

Luis Farfan

Malia James

Mark Penxa

Megan Whitmarsh

Mel Kadel

Michael Coleman

Michael Hsiung

Mike Bertino

Mike Perry

Natas Kaupas

Nicholas Haggard

Noe Montes


Raymond Molinar

Rich Colman

Robin Laananen

Ronnie Günter

Rory Wilson

Ruben Fleischer

Ryan Allan

Ryan Lopez

Ryan Wallace

Sage Vaughn

Scott Toepfer

Sean Mcgaughey

Seonna Hong

Shawn Records

Sonny Kay

Steven Harrington

Steven Nereo

Suzannah Sinclair

Suzy Yun

Ted Gahl

Travis Millard

Victor Saldana

Will Bryant

Will Copeland

Zach Mccaffree

Zara Bucci

The exhibition is FREE, all ages and open to the public! See you here!!

THIS, los angeles.

About THIS los angeles:

This is a group of four creatives (Aaron Farley, Claire & Jeremy Weiss and Justin Van Hoy) who pool their resources under one roof to provide an

outlet for themselves and other creative people. The intention of THIS is to provide a

gallery space which brings friends and family together in the Highland Park

neighborhood of Los Angeles. The space not only showcases traditional gallery shows,

but it is a venue for artists to speak about their work, to interact with their audience and

facilitate a creative atmosphere in the community.

Over the past 2 years, we hosted a number of varied exhibitions. By showcasing a wide range of artists (from the very established gallery proven creative to the unknown emerging artist), our goal has been to take down some of the stigmas surrounding the term “art gallery” and present work that speaks to the chosen theme with the appropriate involvement. The space is meant to be comfortable and warm (sometimes literally) so that our longtime friends and the unknown casual passerby are both welcome.

THIS los angeles is located on Figueroa St and 59th in the historical Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.

THIS los angeles

5906 North Figueroa Street

Los Angeles, CA 90042.