Opening: “Wasted – The Great American Pastime” curated by Dave MacDowell @ WWA Gallery Culver City

WASTED The Great American Pastime dave macdowell reception opening wwa gallery los angeles culver city storm trooper loser

Check out a preview of the show here. There’s also a pub crawl that starts at 3pm and continues through to the opening at 7pm. You can pick up discounts on the art along the way. More info on that here.

Brandi Read FML

Brandi Read, FML

Chris Sheridan Message from a Darvocett Dream

Chris Sheridan, Message from a Darvocett Dream

Scott Scheidly Flinstoned

Scott Scheidly, Flinstoned

Chet Zar Blunt

Chet Zar, Blunt

BigToe Big Toe Dope Dealer

BigToe, Dope Dealer

Dark Vomit  Make the most of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere  George Washington

Dark Vomit, “Make the most of the Indian Hemp seed, and sow it everywhere!” – George Washington