Video: Covers In Crack Alley (New Series from Filter Magazine) – Barry Adamson Walks On Lou Reed’s ‘Wild Side’

Barry Adamson I will set you free new album cover los angeles live lou reed wild side velvet underground

Hadn’t known Barry Adamson was a part of the Nick Cave scene… From our pals @ Filter: “Behind the FILTER Magazine offices in Los Angeles—among the stray cats, dirty dumpsters and occasional syringes—you may also find FILTER friends performing some of their favorite covers. Ladies and gentleman, we give you Covers in Crack Alley.

We were quite excited when we learned that Barry Adamson, former member of Magazine, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Birthday Party and more, was going to be in town, and we just had to do something with him. What better candidate for a Cover in Crack Alley, right?

Barry decided to take a stab at Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side” and we think he did an amazing job, especially his impromptu shout out to FILTER’s Crack Alley.

Barry Adamson’s new album, I Will Set You Free, arrives in the states on February 14 and you can pre-order yours right here.”