#Art #Opening #LosAngeles – PAUL HEYER and KATIE SINNOTT at NIGHT GALLERY Saturday October 12th, 7-10pm

Paul Heyer s The Sun Can t Compare Night Gallery Los Angeles

Paul Heyer’s ‘The Sun Can’t Compare’

Katie Sinnott Homefire Night Gallery Los Angeles

Katie Sinnott’s ‘Homefire’

Opening is Saturday October 12th, 7-10pm at NIGHTGALLERY.CA – 2276 EAST 16TH STREET, LOS ANGELES 90021

From the release:

“Night Gallery is proud to present “The Sun Can’t Compare,” an exhibition of new work by Paul Heyer. This is the artist’s second solo show with gallery and will be on view from October 12th to November 9th, 2013.

There is a special fish, sightings of which are extremely rare and occur most often when the creature has been washed ashore after death. It is colloquially called “the king of herrings,” and is known to be around thirty to fifty feet in length. It feeds on krill, squid, and smaller fish that swim close to the surface of the water. In order to better see its prey, the king swims vertically, his body a long silvery ribbon pointing towards the sun. Oriented this way, the millions of tiny marine creatures become backlit by the sun’s rays, spotting with black the watery boundary before the sky. The king of herrings looks at the sun, blinks, sees snow falling against the night.

Combining oil paint with sand, silk, ink, and shells, this suite of paintings and sculptures is materially rich and poetically spare. The work’s relationship to nature is as hyperbolic in its aim as it is reduced in its means. With a heightened sensitivity to material, color, and light, Paul Heyer has made nebulous these distinctions. Meditative and vibrant, this new work invites a slower unmediated experience – a primordial glimpse of the future.

As with Casper David Friedrich’s “Wanderer,” there is a mythic offering at hand: a gateway that cannot be entered but simply asks you to behold. Empathic with the Romantics’ infatuation with nature’s correspondence with the mind, “The Sun Can’t Compare” offers a landscape without habitat, an other-world without place. Like the king of herrings, these moments are a rare and slippery sight.

Paul Heyer (b. 1982, Olympia Fields, IL) received his BA and MFA from Columbia University in New York in 2004 and 2009, respectively. Heyer’s first solo show with Night Gallery was in 2010. He has exhibited at venues throughout the United States, including Young Art (CA), Rachel Uffner Gallery (NY), Meulensteen Gallery (NY), and Proof Gallery (MA). His work has been written about in The New York Times, Artforum, Flash Art, Artslant, and Notes On Looking.

For Katie Sinnott’s first exhibition with Night Gallery, she continues to build up, tear down, disguise, and illuminate the material of space. Her process is a painterly architectural manipulation, and the result may be the closest one can get to walking inside of a changing painting. Using paint, drywall, light, and other materials present in the space, Sinnott creates a continually shifting and utterly still dimension. Here, the sun sinks behind multiple horizon lines, materials can be upon and within in one moment, and a line may lead you, not to a restful destination, but back to another teetering blankness.

Katie Sinnott (b. 1983) received her MFA from UCLA in 2013, and holds degrees from UC Berkeley and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Most recently, Sinnott has exhibited at POST and Acme Gallery in Los Angeles, and has a permanent installation at CERCcA Residency in Spain. Sinnot was a recipient of the Dedalus Foundation MFA Fellowship in 2013 and the Travelling Scholars Award in 2009, her work for which was reviewed in the Boston Globe.”