Opening: “Low Fidelity” from Erin Besler @ Design Matters Los Angeles

Design Matters Erin Bresler Los Angeles

(1) Robin Evans, Translations from Drawing to Building in Translations From Drawing to Building and Other Essays (1997), 155 (2) Evans, 156.

Design Matters is located at 11527 Pico in West Hollywood.

From the release: "Low Fidelity - Erin Besler Opening Reception Saturday March 30, 7-10 pm Low Fidelity pushes through the homogeneous high fidelity verisimilitude, beginning with the architectural object, moving through translation and abstraction to its representation. While the drawing continues to be the two dimensional architectural communicant (1), the intervening medium (2) with the ability to flatten and abstract, to distance itself from the object, and produce friction between objects and their mutual representations, this work goes further. The drawing’s agency is extended through alternative mediums of translation to subvert the uniformity of digital tools. Through the registration of projected points in space, the reduction and delineation of a single curve and the materialization of the drawn form through mechanically attenuated extrusion, Low Fidelity activates tension between architectural mediums and alienates objects of representation to locate alternative sites for design."