Opening: “This Will Destroy That” group poster/print exhibition @ Design Matters Los Angeles

This Will Destroy That Design Matters reception gallery opening art show group exhibition february 15th posters davey whitcraft hazel mandujano pae white sean donahue jon sueda machine projects greg lindy christian moeller

From the release:

This Will Destroy That!

Opening Reception Friday February 15, 7-10 pm

‘Under the form of printing, thought is more imperishable than ever; it is volatile, intangible, indestructible; it mingles with the very air. In the reign of architecture it became a mountain, and took forceful possession of an era, of a country. Now it is transformed into a flock of birds, scattering to the four winds and filling the whole air and space.’
-Victor Hugo, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame

Over time, the poster has gone from a vital and thriving means of public address in American cities to a communicative device that is largely used by commercial media conglomerates, if at all. The rise of the automobile has affected the poster’s viability in contemporary cities, especially one as car-centric as Los Angeles. Angelenos interact with the city primarily within their cars where windshield glass mediates and frames our view and where speed dissolves our periphery; where posters on walls are far from view.

THIS WILL DESTROY THAT! asked artists to create a work that discusses the culture of ‘posters’ in Los Angeles. The exhibition will explore the city’s paradoxical relationship not only with public space but also the poster’s place, meaning, and relevance within it.

The show will run from February 15, 2013 until March 16, 2013 at Design Matters in West Los Angeles. For more information about the gallery, please visit or email

Curated by Davey Whitcraft and Hazel Mandujano.

Pae White. Sean Donahue. Jon Sueda. Anja Groten. Simon Johnston. Greg Lindy. Geoff Kaplan + Gail Swanlund. Henri Lucas. Euan Macdonald. Machine Projects. Chandler McWilliams. Christian Moeller. Francois Perrin. Johanna Reed. Pascual Sisto. Hazel Mandujano.