TONIGHT + Opening: “So Far So Good, So What.” solo exhibition from Michael Hsiung @ THIS Gallery Los Angeles

So Far So Good So What solo exhibition michael hsiung THIS Los Angeles 5906 North Figueroa art gallery space opening

I am saddened to see a mention below that there are only three openings left at THIS Gallery : O ( What a shame, I first met both Shepard Fairey and Glen E. Friedman at THIS openings. Thanks for all the great art, THIS Gallery, Los Angeles will miss you!!

From the release: “Michael Hsiung – So Far, So Good, So What – opening tonight!
Michael’s work looks so amazing. 76 pieces are displayed. We’ve been excited for this show since we talked to Michael about a year ago. He draws characters, seemingly all from the same family, all mythical people in everyday situations, if you consider waterskiing on the backs of a team of narwals everyday situations. Portraits of Mermen, skateboarding groups of dudes, Unicorns searching for beer, party totem poles with a bear on top, you get the picture. Mike’s line work is amazing, all hand drawn, or brush painted black lines with some color here and there. The last person that came in during the install even been called them cute and precious. Which we agree. We only have 3 more shows, so come in and have a good time while we’re still here.. we’d love to see each and every one of you..”