#Art #Opening #LosAngeles – Greg Miller with “Call of Duty” @ William Turner Gallery Santa Monica this Saturday, July 26th

Greg Miller  Pool Painting 2014 Acrylic Collage Resin on Panel 48 x 60

Greg Miller – Pool Painting, 2014, Acrylic, Collage, Resin on Panel, 48″x 60″

Greg Miller Call of Duty artist opening William Turner Gallery Michigan Ave Santa Monica Los Angeles California

William Turner Gallery

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Greg Miller  First Kiss 2014 Acrylic Collage Resin on Panel 60 x 48

Greg Miller – First Kiss, 2014, Acrylic, Collage, Resin on Panel, 60″x 48″

From the release:

“The William Turner Gallery is pleased to present Call of Duty, an exhibition of new paintings by Greg Miller. The exhibition will be accompanied by a short film by the artist, entitled, “The Pool.”

Hollywood Film Noir references abound in this newest body of work from neo-pop painter, Greg Miller – and beautiful women are the heroes of this visual narrative. Whether lounging in a pool, diving into the sea or caught mid-kiss, these women maintain a cool distance from the viewer – they are mysterious and untouchable, encased in resin and paint, frozen in time like celluloid dreams.

Miller’s softly rendered femme fatales are juxtaposed with rough textures, drips and sprays, and peeling layers that have been built up and scratched away – layers that obscure just as much as they reveal. The compositions are dramatically framed, cinematically cropped, up close and intimate – homages to a city that is as enthralling as it is enigmatic.

With this series, Miller endeavors on a sort of cultural excavation, collecting, preserving and re-contextualizing documents of a forgotten time. His paintings bring the outside world in, mimicking the Los Angeles cityscape with its myriad walls plastered in tattered movie posters, graffiti, airbrushed murals and aging advertisements. Assembling these images of urban signage, found ephemera and pop culture visuals, Miller taps into a space in our collective consciousness that tugs at memory like a long lost lover.

Greg Miller’s work is featured in numerous museum and private collections, including the Frederick R. Weisman and Charles Saatchi Foundation. The Get Go, a volume of his writings, photography and paintings, was published in 2010, and the first comprehensive monograph on the artist, Signs of the Nearly Actual, was published in 2008.