#Art #Opening #LosAngeles – KNOWLEDGE BENNETT w “COJONES” @LurieGallery @KnowledgeAsbury JUNE 7th – JULY 6th

Knowledge Bennet  Cojones

Knowledge Bennett “COJONES” June 7 – July 6 – 2014 at the Bruce Lurie Gallery

2736 South La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles. CA.

Knowledge Bennett Cojones Biggie Smalls Silkscreen Acrylic Linen artist reception opening Los Angeles La Cienega Lurie Gallery

From the release:

“Cojones” is the Spanish word for “testicles” used round the world to denote courage, bravado and brass. It is also the title of an explosive series of evocative images created by LA-NY/NJ artist KNOWLEDGE BENNETT. The show ignites at 7 PM Saturday June 7 at the Bruce Lurie Gallery located at 2736 S. La Cienega Blvd. in the heart of LA’s vibrant gallery row.

Culture-defining icons from the world of hip hop are alchemically re-imagined with a fresh no holds barred daring. They are the seminal works of pop/conceptual artist KNOWLEDGE BENNETT.

Bennett uses the same bold bodily image of 1980s rapper Slick Rick for each head to toe portrait. With carefully curated images of each face Bennett offers deep emotional insight into global artists who have liberated, changed and defined the culture of their times.

Biggie Smalls, P. Diddy, Jay Z., Nas, Eazy E., Snoop Dogg, Tupac and Kanye West comprise the inaugural eight of Bennett’s powerful “Cojones – Hip Hop” series. In addition, President Barack Obama is included in the show, representing the first work of Bennett’s series “Cojones – POTUS” (President of the United States).

“I’ve painted this series as an homage to the mindset and courage that enables an individual to dream and then endure to make those dreams a reality, “ Bennett explains. “To endure humiliation, ridicule, failures and setbacks, one must possess the courage required to withstand such adversities.” In other words, cojones.

Fluent in the Old Masters, yet inspired by Warhol, Robert Longo and Basquiat, Bennett uses his own singular talent to re-imagine figures that had to overcome tremendous obstacles in order to see their dreams come to fruition. Their phenomenal achievements have earned them legions of loyal fans and a permanent place in cultural history and our collective consciousness.

“The word “cojones” was first attested in Ernest Hemingway’s writing,” Bennett explains counting the author as a personal favorite. “Just as we speak of Hemingway and his genius, these guys are the Hemingways of a different era and artistry.

Participating in solo and group exhibitions in major markets including New York, Miami and Los Angeles, this self taught 37-year-old artist began his art education as a teenager haunting the galleries and museums of New York City and its environs, soaking up all they had to offer past, present and ever evolving.

Knowledge Bennett’s “COJONES” series is executed via silkscreening over acrylic paint onto various substrates. Depicting global iconic figures, the works lend themselves to larger-than-life sizes, with canvases reaching a height of seven feet.