#Art #Opening #LosAngeles- Photographer Dina Goldstein’s “Fallen Princesses” and “In the Dollhouse” @coreyhelford Gallery aka CHG Circa Culver City, Saturday, May 17th

Rapunzel by Dina Goldstein

‘Rapunzel’ by Dina Goldstein

Breakfast by Dina Goldstein

‘Breakfast’ by Dina Goldstein

Cinder by Dina Goldstein

‘Cinder’ by Dina Goldstein

Opening reception at Corey Helford Gallery, SATURDAY, MAY 17th, FROM 7-10PM – ON VIEW MAY 17 – JUNE 14, 2014

From the release:

On Saturday, May 17, 2014, CHG Circa presents Dina Goldstein’s
U.S. Debut, a solo exhibition of the pop surrealist photographer’s most recently published series of work, “Fallen Princesses” and “In the Dollhouse”. Goldstein’s own “storyography” conceptual style likely blends the political satire of fellow pop surrealist Ron English and the hyperreal documentary photo technique of Dorothea Lange, creating a contemporary statement unique to Goldstein’s expe- rience in the 21st century.

The charmed lives of Goldstein’s Princesses are debunked, whether it be a suburbanized Snow White, alcoholic Cinderella, cancer-stricken Rapunzel, or Pocahontas, the crazy cat-lady. Even Barbie and Ken, immortalized as plastic humans in the “Dollhouse” series reflect Goldstein’s own real world view of fantasy, destroying myths and reminding us again to be careful of what we wish for.
“For me, photography is intended not to produce an esthetic that echoes current beauty standards,” explains Goldstein,“but to evoke and wrest feelings of shame, anger, shock and empathy from the observer so as to inspire insight into the human condition. I have always felt that my experience as
a documentary photographer complements my conceptual photography as they inform each other technically and creatively. From my more candid work, I have learned that spontaneity and a lack
of control are sources of inspiration.”

The opening reception for Dina Goldstein will be hosted Saturday, May 17, 2014, from 7-10pm
at CHG Circa.The reception is open to the public,and the exhibition is on view through June 14, 2014.

Dina is a Canadian photographer and Pop Surrealist with a background in editorial/documentary photography.

Dina’s Fallen Princesses series was born out of deep personal pain, when she raged against the “happily ever after” motif we are spoon fed since childhood.The series created metaphor out of the myths of fairy tales, forcing the viewer to contemplate real life: failed dreams, pollution and ocean degradation, war, obesity, the extinction of indigenous cultures, cancer and the fallacy of chasing eternal youth. Fallen Princesses was completed and discovered exclusively online in 2010. It imme- diately went viral, sparking conversation and international attention from academics, bloggers and gallerists alike. Dina’s most recent sequential narrative, In the Dollhouse, has as Fallen Princesses did, sparked an international response.This time,she has taken on one of the most powerful symbols
of Western culture: Barbie, the idealized woman. More than any other childhood construct, Barbie represents the concept that Beauty is Power and necessary to attain Happiness. However, when Ken, Barbie’s handsome but emasculated boyfriend, expresses his individuality, the value of beauty as an apex trait is exposed as a cheap, plastic facsimile.

Dina’s work is exhibited in galleries and museums internationally. She lives in Vancouver with her filmmaker husband, Jonas Quastel, and her two young daughters, Jordan and Zoe.

CHG Circa
Established in 2012 by Los Angeles gallerists Jan Corey Helford and Bruce Helford, CHG Circa is their exciting new art venue on Washington Blvd. After launching the highly-successful Corey Helford Gal- lery in 2006 in the Culver City Arts District, the Helfords opened CHG Circa as a platform to highlight figurative and pop surreal artists worldwide, including Lola, Van Arno, Sylvia Ji, Amy Sol and many more. Corey Helford Gallery is internationally-renowned for its standout exhibitions, from “Letters From America” during the 2012 London Olympics to “Art From The New World,” Corey Helford’s transatlantic collaboration with the Bristol’s City Museum & Art Gallery showcasing work by a formidable group of 49 of the finest emerging and noted American artists in the New Contemporary art scene. CHG Circa will present exhibitions and special projects of equal quality and caliber.“We believe the artists we show and support are creating timeless art,” the Helfords add, and to celebrate this, CHG Circa will have an elegant 1930s’ ambiance, stamped tin ceilings and 10 foot archways. CHG Circa presents new exhibitions every 4-5 weeks. For more information and an upcoming exhibition schedule, please visit coreyhelfordgallery.com