#Art #Opening #LosAngeles – Zach Johnsen with @kid_acne @ C.A.V.E. Gallery #Venice Saturday, March 15th

CAVE gallery Venice Zach Johnsen Johnson Portland artist Los Angeles exhibition opening

Please join us for the Opening Reception: Saturday, March 15, 6 – 9pm

Zach Johnsen will be in attendance.

For the collectors’ preview and additional information please email: info at cavegallery dot net

C.A.V.E. Gallery * 1108 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice CA 90291

phone: 310 450 6960 * web: www.cavegallery.net

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From the release:

Zach Johnsen:

Portland based artist Zach Johnsen has been focusing on a synthesis of styles – marrying the graphic sensibility of his well known “Acid” work, which depicts suited figures, suspended in motion, frenetic, exploding or morphing, the result of pure revelation – with the expressiveness of painting.

For his upcoming 2014 solo show “Shadow Cabinet” at C.A.V.E. Gallery, Johnsen has been diligently working to continue the development of a unique body of work that provocatively delves into the mythology of mask and spirit and current political systems.

In this new series, Johnsen visualizes a phantom parliamentary system charged with regulating the flow of life and energy. The “Shadow Cabinet” is an amorphous cloud of radiant energy that constitutes an arm of his earlier work for the “House of Uncommons”.

This ethereal force occasionally takes shape and solidifies as a bonafied governing body of flesh and blood. Johnsen depicts each member as a half breed class of human and masked spirit entity which operate both within the sphere of the spiritual world and alternately within the world of concrete, traffic jams and inefficient bureaucracy that we are all familiar with. The narrative revolves around how members of the “Shadow Cabinet” interact and react during states of duress, resulting in colorful blast on political figures.

Johnsen’s work in “Shadow Cabinet” explodes with technical skill and dynamic energy that will entice all viewers. The artist continues to push the boundaries of mixed media adding colored smoke bombs to his creative arsenal – so that his fantastical figures appear to emerge from ethereal backgrounds of colored fog. The series is an eye-catching portrayal of masked figures suspended in frenetic motion so that each piece feels like it withholds a spiritual power about to be unleashed.

Zach Johnsen  Minister of Transformation  smoke bomb spray paint watercolor and acrylic on wood panel 2014

Zach Johnsen – Minister of Transformation – smoke bomb, spray paint, watercolor and acrylic on wood panel, 2014

Kid Acne:

The exhibition will feature rare prints and a few new screen prints from 2005 – 2013. Many editions have been sold out, and for the first time a handful of Artist Proof and Studio Proof prints are being released.

Kid Acne’s Stabby Women have been found watching over cities all over the world.These female warriors inhabit and peer out of unexpected public spaces, humanizing the urban edge with a sense that someone’s got your back.

Kid Acne has been painting graffiti, making fanzines, comics and hip-hop music since the early 90’s. His artwork has been exhibited in Beijing, the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Finland, Brazil and Australia – and his signature style of illustrations have furnished designs for clients including Prada, Levis, Volkswagen, Elle, Kid Robot & Warp Records.

Kid Acne’s artwork has also been published in several books such as:
GRAFFITI WORLD – Street Art From Five Continents / Thames & Hudson; ALL ALLURE / Gestalten; ART OF REBELLION 2 & 3 / Publikat; STREET ART NEW YORK / Prestel; NINJA TUNE – 20 Years of Beats & Pieces / Black Dog Publishing; I AM PLASTIC TOO / Kid Robot; BEHIND THE ZINES – Self-Publishing Culture / Gestalten; STREET ART – The Best Urban Art From Around The World / Michael O’Mara Books; WE OWN THE NIGHT / Rizzoli.

Kid Acne was born in Lilongwe, Malawi in 1978 and is based in Sheffield, England.

Kid Acne  Seven Sisters

Kid Acne – Seven Sisters