#LosAngeles #Art #Opening – Harold Fox w/ ‘Everyone is Looking for Something’ @hyaenagallery Burbank this Saturday, February 1st

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Harold Fox

“Everyone is Looking for Something”

On Exhibit:

February 1 through February 28, 2014

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Harold Fox  A Holy Man Goes to The City

Harold Fox – A Holy Man Goes To The City

Harold Fox  230am

Harold Fox – 2.30am

Harold Fox  Gentlemen s Club

Harold Fox – Gentlemen’s Club

Harold Fox  The North Sea

Harold Fox – The North Sea

From the release:

A man in his 70s, Harold Fox was a virtual unknown to the current gallery market before his first exhibit at Hyaena. He could easily hang alongside some of today’s acknowledged Lowbrow masters but Harold, a retired commercial artist and trained illustrator, did not take that path. Instead he followed his own sense of direction, working and raising two sons while painting in his free time, a large body of unseen work that is essentially brilliant. Contemporary and edgy, it’s noir without pretense, at times both whimsical and frightening yet always compelling. Now in his retirement years, with his creativity at a peak, his son Heinrich recognized this and sought out to find a larger audience for his father’s artwork. We are lucky that he did.

The Pulp Lowbrow feel of the work has a darkness that hints of both deviance and experience. And through it all, his paintings have a very distinct narrative. Skewed perspectives and a cast of repeating characters (with the artist, himself, often appearing central to the story) play out each tale through Harold’s personal mythology. The work is heavy with nods to Southern California, referencing landscape and culture along with nautical and aeronautical elements. The factors that influence Harold Fox’s art are as widespread as the man’s lifespan. From antique automobiles, 1940’s style, and German heritage to Vietnam and the bohemian era, there is an intense introspection and fearlessness in storytelling that you only get from an artist who has nothing to prove. This is pure. This is honest. This is true art.

An art collection starts with a single painting. A great art collection starts with a painting by Harold Fox. If you are not familiar with the artwork of Harold Fox, you are in for a rare treat…the chance to see an artist at the pinnacle of his career right as the mainstream art world is becoming aware of him. A man in his 70s, Harold Fox began to seriously pursue his art career in 2010 right here at Hyaena. Since that time, here’s what has been said about his artwork:

“They hit you with a jolt completely unlike a Todd Schorr or Mark Ryden. What it gets down to is they flow from their own source, doggedly building a storyline that finally stands alone precisely because it was constructed alone.” – Bill Lasarow, Huffington Post

“The results are a quirky vision so consistently smart, cynically pointed and beautifully painted that you can’t believe these paintings haven’t always been a part of the underground contemporary art scene or ever been shown alongside artists like Robert Williams and Todd Schorr.” – Suvan Geer, Huffington Post

“Hailed as a sort of modern William Blake by SCA director and curator Cheryl Bookout, Fox seems destined, even at this late date, to turn our Puritanical world on its devilish ear.” – Jane Mast, Culture magazine

It’s difficult to say it better than that. He’s taken art lovers by storm, already having several highly acclaimed exhibits so far on the West Coast (each highly successful as well). We welcome Harold back for his fifth exhibit here at Hyaena and we are very honored to have one of our absolute favorite artists return.

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