#Art #Opening #LosAngeles – ‘This Crazy Life’ group show @newimageart1 Gallery w Gregory Bojorquez Patrick Martinez + Michael Vasquez Saturday April 26th West Hollywood

April 18th, 2014

New Image Art This Crazy Life artist gallery group opening show exhibit art gregory borjorquez patrick martinez michael vasquez

I’ve mentioned Bojorquez’ work before, tremendous LA photographer.




From the release:

“New Image Art is pleased to present, This Crazy Life, a group show featuring Gregory Bojorquez, Patrick Martinez, and Michael Vasquez, opening Saturday, April 26, 2014, 7-10pm.

This Crazy Life encompasses the commonalities of the rough lifestyles that are faced on a day-to-day-bases in inner/urban cities. The works capture rawness and chaos that cohabitate so naturally in the “hood” environments. These three artists are able to capture and interpret realities through portraiture and still lives in an array of paintings, photographs and mix-media pieces.

Patrick Martinez (Los Angeles, CA) successfully combines paintings with neon lights. Brightly painted subjects range from still lives of food with weapons to neon signage often found on windows of markets and restaurants. The subjects bask in the neon light creating realistic seedy club scenes, which also incorporate the use of words in Spanish and English. There is humor as well as a subtle quality of cynicism in his paintings. Martinez works are often tongue in cheek insights of cross-cultural Los Angeles.

Gregory Bojorquez (Los Angeles, CA) photographs strong portraits of fellow Los Angelino’s. Bojorquez compositions contain an honest intensity of L.A. life in the hood. On exhibit will be a rare, large-scale collage measuring 3′ x 5′, Eastsider , a narrative of spontaneous street scenes and portraits of people from East L.A.

Michael Vasquez (Miami, FL) paints passionate figurative pieces of gang members and friends that are bigger than life. Vasquez figures are exaggerated via his powerful use of composition, color and textural brush strokes. The paintings are symbols of his search for balance in a world filled with conflict.”

#Art #Opening #LosAngeles – @iam8bit Gallery ‘Grace & Ritual: Hidden’ – group show w 30+ roster of female artists

April 17th, 2014

Naomi White

Image from photographer Naomi White

Grace and Ritual Hidden Gallery Exhibition opening female artists Los Angeles May 9th 2014 iam8bit

From the release:

Dear Lovers of Incredibleness,

At iam8bit, we believe that artists (and their art) come in all shapes, colors and sizes.

So on May 9th, we’re hosting our second annual all-woman art show:

Grace & Ritual: Hidden.

This year, we’re featuring more than 34 artists, each exploring the idea of the hidden, the secret and the under-explored. We’re delving into the deep, the dark and the confidential – the concealed, the invisible and the obscure.

For this show, we asked female artists to expose the things that they keep to themselves… the things they wouldn’t dare to post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – the things that no one else knows.

Do we have your attention?


See you there!

Iam8bit Gallery Grace and Ritual Hidden group show opening

#Art #Photography #Opening #LosAngeles – TONIGHT @HVW8 Gallery @janettebeckman w ‘Rebel Cultures – Punks, Rap + Gangs’

April 17th, 2014

Janette Beckman  HM Gang Girls East LA 1983 20 x 24 inch photograph

Janette Beckman – HM Gang Girls, East LA 1983, 20 x 24 inch photograph

Janette Beckman  EPMD Babylon Long Island 1983 30 x 40 inch photograph

Janette Beckman – EPMD, Babylon Long Island, 1983, 30 x 40 inch photograph

Janette Beckman  Debbie Harry London 1979 30 x 40 inch photograph

Janette Beckman – Debbie Harry, London 1979, 30 x 40 inch photograph

From the release:

Janette Beckman

Rebel Cultures:
Punks, Rap and Gangs

Opening Thursday, April 17th, 2014, 7 – 10pm
Please RSVP at rsvp@hvw8.com

“With Support from Diamond Supply Co.

In the summer of 1982, Janette Beckman was introduced to members of the East LA gang El Hoyo Maravilla. She proceeded to document this culture much as she had with British punks and the emerging New York hip-hop scene. HVW8 presents her photographs of these seemingly disparate tribes bound by a common rebel spirit.

Janette Beckman vividly remembers that summer. “I was spending the summer in LA with a friend who managed a punk band…for me that meant going out to clubs at night to take photos, neon signs, palm trees, 1950?s bars and cars, Venice beach and much more.

One day I met a writer who was working on a story about the East LA gang scene. I asked him to introduce me to the El Hoyo Maravilla gang. We drove out one hot summer day to a large dusty park in East LA to meet some members of the HM gang.

I had been documenting the London punk scene since 1976 and brought with me a box of 8”X10” prints of the British skinheads, punks, ska and rockabilly kids to show them. I explained that these were the ‘gangs’ in the UK and they agreed to let me take portraits of them to show people in London. I spent that summer photographing the gang with my Hasselblad camera, driving back and forth from Hollywood to East LA in my Rent-A-Wreck V8 Ford LTD.

The East LA area was poor, hot and arid, and there was the constant sound of LAPD helicopters buzzing overhead. The gang members introduced me to their families, showed me the barrio and tried to explain how it was living ‘la vida loca’.

I was the first British person they had ever met and we were curious about each other.”

In 2011, Dashwood Books published a collection of Janette’s photos of the HM gang. One of the three girls Janette had photographed leaning against a car in the park contacted her after seeing the book.

Over 30 years after that original photo was taken, Janette met the girls again to see where their lives had taken them. “We met in Boyle Heights at their sister Arlene’s house and they took me to the Home Girl Cafe? for lunch. The three women had amazing tales to tell of their lives. They had lost husbands to gang violence. But these three amazing women had survived and thrived, they were mothers, career women and still the best of friends. They told me that most of the Hoyo Maravilla guys that I had photographed back in the day were either in jail or had passed away. We sat in the cafe and told stories. They tried to date the exact year I had met them: ‘Was the car we were standing in front of gold or blue?’ they asked, because one of their friends had been shot in the car and it had to be repainted after that because of the blood stains – this was how they would date the photos.”

This exhibition features not only photographs of the HM gang back in the day and the Rivera Bad Girls today, but also various iconic photographs documenting the formative years of the punk and hip-hop scenes including Johnny Rotten, Joe Strummer, Debby Harry, Slick Rick, Keith Haring, and Run DMC to name a few.”

Janette Beckman  Joe Strummer Milan 1982  16 x 20 inch photograph

Janette Beckman – Joe Strummer, Milan 1982 – 16 x 20 inch photograph

#Art #Opening #LosAngeles – THIS SATURDAY @RayCaesar1 + @BeauStanton @CoreyHelford Gallery Culver City

April 17th, 2014

Ray Caesar painter digital artist Corey Helford gallery CHG culver city Los Angeles Beau Stanton cartography of the machine a tainted virtue

From the release:
“Hi everybody. A reminder for all art lovers – a new exhibition of work by the master of digital painting, RAY CAESAR, this Saturday night, April 19th, from 7 to 10 pm at CHG CIRCA (8530-A Washington blvd. Culver City, CA). Plus all new works by the amazing artist Beau Stanton. It’s a night you won’t want to miss.”